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 At work on a new novel while shepherding a feature film and a limited tv series through development. He and Alicia are also currently involved in a number of new media projects, and are considering another ride across the country.   

Jessica and Michael got married
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Born and raised in Montreal in a family of accomplished storytellers. They were dancers and doctors, poets and potters and makers of transporting music.

Became a Single Mother - a cherished honorific -  to two-year-old Jessica and raised her alone for several years until Alicia Wille - screenwriter, producer, and now frequent collaborator - joined the family.

Studied at UBC with novelist Robert Harlow - Royal Murdoch, A Gift of Echoe

Studied and taught at McGill University with mentor Donald F. Theall (The Virtual Marshall McLuhan) and developed the 9-volume Modular Introduction to Film

Teaches with Alicia at School for Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University

Jessica and Stanford doctoral cohort Ted Wong have launched The Elephant Builder, a  systems-based approach to ecology.


And live nearby, so a lot of life is walking distance.

Helped ignite the sexual revolution by creating the first advertising brochure introducing physicians to The Pill.

Rescued a woman and her babies from a raging fire, and learned the virues of avoiding raging fires.

Favorite New TV Show 

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